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23 10, 2023

Medicare Open Enrollment


It’s Medicare Open Enrollment and now is the time to review your coverage for 2024. What is Changing in 2024? Think about what has changed in the last year and what your needs will be in the coming year. This will help you find a Medicare plan that suits your [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment2023-12-04T15:53:51-04:00
16 10, 2023

Will Traveling Affect My Life Insurance Coverage?


When applying for a life insurance policy, you will be asked to answer numerous questions. Each question is designed to provide underwriters with the information they need to determine the level of risk they will take by issuing an insurance policy on you. Types of Questions Asked For the most [...]

Will Traveling Affect My Life Insurance Coverage?2023-12-04T15:54:37-04:00
9 10, 2023

Why You Should Never Lie to the Underwriter


Insurance premiums are based on the risk someone poses to an insurance company. The higher the risk you are, the higher the premium an insurer may charge. This may lead someone to lie on their applications to receive a lower rate. But doing so can have some serious consequences! Lying [...]

Why You Should Never Lie to the Underwriter2023-12-04T15:54:51-04:00
2 10, 2023

Life Insurance Facts to Consider


Many of us take life insurance for granted. If your employer offers it to you, it’s probably something that you never stopped to review. If you don’t have it as an employee benefit when was the last time you reviewed your coverage? Statements to Consider You should consider reviewing your [...]

Life Insurance Facts to Consider2023-12-04T15:57:03-04:00
25 09, 2023

Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Child?


When you become a parent, at some point you will be solicited to purchase life insurance for your children. But should you? Priorities Before you consider purchasing a life insurance policy for your child, it is recommended each parent have enough life insurance themselves. Additionally, many experts recommend other financial [...]

Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Child?2023-12-04T15:57:24-04:00
18 09, 2023

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Life Insurance Policy


Everybody makes mistakes. Under normal circumstances, we can correct our errors and learn from them. When it comes to life insurance, however, it may become too late to fix a critical mistake. And unfortunately, the result will impact the reason you purchased life insurance in the first place – your [...]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Life Insurance Policy2023-12-04T15:57:39-04:00
11 09, 2023

5-Step Checklist to Choosing a Health Insurance Plan


Health insurance is perhaps one of the most complex types of policies in the marketplace today. There are numerous considerations to be made, from choosing your deductible to selecting the right network. The 5-Step Checklist So where do you start? We’ve put together a 5 step checklist to help you [...]

5-Step Checklist to Choosing a Health Insurance Plan2023-12-04T15:57:52-04:00
4 09, 2023

Medicare Part D: A Full Guide


As the new millennium arrived, so too did the introduction of Medicare Part D by President Clinton. Also known as the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program, the program provides prescription drug coverage to eligible participants.   Up until the implementation of Medicare Part D in 2006, Medicare did not cover [...]

Medicare Part D: A Full Guide2023-12-04T15:58:13-04:00
28 08, 2023

Top Medicare Questions to Ask for Optimal Coverage


Questions About Your Care Do you intend to keep the same doctor? Some doctors take original Medicare but don’t participate in Medicare Advantage Plans. Other doctors do the opposite. Ask your doctor’s office what coverage they accept before you make a decision about switching to a different physician. Do you [...]

Top Medicare Questions to Ask for Optimal Coverage2023-12-04T15:58:55-04:00
21 08, 2023

Dental Insurance Overview: Benefits and Types of Plans


A person’s smile is usually one of their most memorable features. To have a bright, vibrant set of pearly white teeth requires proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. But more than one-third of individuals haven’t seen the tooth doctor in more than a year. The Benefits of [...]

Dental Insurance Overview: Benefits and Types of Plans2023-12-04T15:59:10-04:00
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